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What are my obligations to my marriage Celebrant?

You do have obligations to your Marriage Celebrant once he/she has been engaged by you.  Most Celebrants will have you sign an Agreement which sets out these particulars. This Agreement is actually a contract between you and your chosen Celebrant. A typical  Agreement would include the following:

  1. The payment/s of the full amount of his/her fee by the required date which will, in all situations, be prior to your wedding;
  2. Advising your Celebrant prior to making any change to the time/place/date of your wedding as it is quite possible that your Celebrant may have another commitment and may therefore, be unable to perform your ceremony at the new time;
  3. Advising your Celebrant of any change to the location of your marriage ceremony as soon as such a decision is made. The same applies if you are planning an outdoors wedding. In this case, however, your Celebrant during the planning stages will have enquired as to what contingency plans you have in place in the event of wet or inclement weather. Nevertheless, you should never assume that your Celebrant can read your mind so in the case of an 11th hour change of venue/time owing to bad weather conditions or if any other situation arises, you must always contact your Celebrant, or have someone contact him/her on your behalf as soon as you make the decision, as the responsibility for this rests with you.