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How do we choose our Celebrant?

How do you choose a celebrant

Choosing your Celebrant is very much a personal matter. It may be that a particular Celebrant has been recommended to you by family members, friends or by venue coordinators.  If you are not so fortunate and do not know, or have not heard of a good quality professional Celebrant, searching the Alliance of Celebrants Queensland Inc. website is a good place to start. Why not use our comprehensive search facility on the links above to locate a Celebrant who lives in your general area or perhaps in a location close to where your ceremony is to be...

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What does a Celebrant do?

What does a celebrant do?

A celebrant conducts secular ceremonies for the general public in a variety of roles such as a Marriage Celebrant, Funeral Celebrant or at other family ceremonies such as a baby naming, which is similar to a christening, renewal of vows, commitment ceremony or milestone events such as retirement, 21st or 40th birthdays.  They meet with you to discuss your needs and expectations, write and facilitate a ceremony tailored to your requirements...

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Baby Namings

Baby naming or namegiving ceremonies

Baby naming or namegiving ceremonies are conducted by your celebrant and are similar to a christening without the religious element to the day.  They can be held when the baby is several months old or celebrated as a part of a milestone birthday.  As the ceremony can be held at any age they aren't limited to babies.

Celebrating your child's name focusses on the safe birth of a child, acknowledges family connection and welcomes them into the wider community.

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Funeral celebrant QLD

When you are grieving you want someone there by your side who will be empathetic to your needs as well as listening to what the family want, to help celebrate the life of your loved one.  The send off should be memorable and uplifting so that you and those who are grieving can feel a sense of release and loving closure.

A professional celebrant will help guide you through the days beforehand to write and present a celebration of life.  They will work in with the funeral director to conduct the funeral or memorial in a loving, caring manner.

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Does a Celebrant travel away from his/her local area?

Yes, most Celebrants are prepared to travel some distance from their homes, but there may be some who would prefer not to do so.  However, you may have to pay an additional charge for mileage depending on the distance to be travelled; and if you require your Celebrant to travel other than by their own...
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Do Celebrants have to provide a portable Public Address (PA) system?

The number of guests at your ceremony and its location will determine whether a Public Address (PA) system is necessary. Having said this, Celebrants are obliged to ensure that all guests can adequately hear the ceremony for a marriage. The majority of the Alliance of Celebrants Queensland members have their own PA systems to use...
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How much does a Celebrant cost?

In considering the budget you plan to set aside for your Celebrant, you should note that the time your Celebrant spends conducting the actual ceremony is only "the tip of the iceberg". Your Marriage Celebrant is a very important part of your wedding day and think of the cost in terms of making an investment...
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What fee do we pay to secure the services of a Celebrant?

Weddings: Your Marriage Celebrant will charge you a booking fee "which is usually a non-refundable" when you meet with him/her to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM). The booking fee covers the costs for the Celebrants time in meeting with the couple, completing the Notice of Intended Marriage Form, any other legal vested obligations...
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How many meetings do I need with the Marriage Celebrant?

The number of meetings is not stipulated and Celebrants differ in this regard. However, from a reasonable perspective, you would need to meet at least twice with your Celebrant unless this isn't practical e.g. if you live interstate or overseas from your celebrant. The first meeting may cover the signing of the Notice of Intended Marriage form, the provision of contact details etc. and various ...
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What is a NOIM?

Your Marriage Celebrant can provide you with the required Notice of Intended Marriage form, (NOIM) and it is your Celebrant who is the authorised person with whom the original should be lodged.  Whilst it is possible to obtain a shortening of time, in extraordinary circumstances, your NOIM must be lodged with your Celebrant at least one month prior to the date of your marriage...
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Can I marry my same-sex partner?

Yes, the law was amended in December 2017 for marriage to be redefined in Australia and the right to marry no longer be determined by sex or gender.  

Further, existing and future same-sex marriages solemnised overseas under the law of the foreign country where the marriage was valid under the foreign law, will be recognised.  Same-sex marriages solemnised in Australia by a diplomatic or consular officer under the law of a foreign country prior to 9th December 2017 are also recognised.  

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How long before the ceremony does the Celebrant have to arrive?

Marriage Ceremonies:
According to the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants, your Marriage Celebrant should arrive at the venue for your ceremony no later than 20 minutes prior to the wedding or a mutually agreed time. This ensures there is sufficient time to test any equipment that is to be used and  layout the required...
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What if I need to change my Marriage Celebrant?

If for some reason, you need to change your Marriage Celebrant you will need to obtain the  Notice of Intended Marriage Form (NOIM) that you lodged with the original Celebrant and have them transfer it to your new Celebrant or you may fill in a new form, if time permits. You should note, however, that in the majority of cases if not all...
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Does a Marriage Certificate officiate my change of name?

No. The Marriage Certificate presented on your wedding day is merely proof that your marriage took place and is known as a Couples Certificate. The reverse side of the Marriage Certificate advises of this situation.   What you will need for a change of name purposes is the registered Marriage Certificate issued from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM). BDM, however ...
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To what extent can our family and friends participate in our marriage ceremony?

Your family and friends may participate in your marriage ceremony in a number of ways.  However, their participation does not extend to the legal requirements which can only be fulfilled by your Marriage Celebrant and which are set out in the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants and in the relevant legislative requirements.  The legal requirements include your Marriage Celebrant ...
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Is there an extra charge for having a rehearsal?

Under the Code of Practice for Celebrants, your Celebrant if requested by you, will conduct a rehearsal at a mutually agreed time, date and place. However, please remember that in this case, your Celebrant is entitled to charge an additional fee for this service: a fee which should be outlined in his/her "Statement of Fees" and discussed with you at your first meeting....
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What are my obligations to my marriage Celebrant?

You do have obligations to your Marriage Celebrant once he/she has been engaged by you.  Most Celebrants will have you sign an Agreement which sets out these particulars. This Agreement is actually a contract between you and your chosen Celebrant. A typical Agreement would include the following...
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